Adoption Services


Illien Adoptions International, Inc. is licensed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources to provide direct adoption services to residents of Georgia. Since Illien has been previously accredited as a Hague approved agency by the Council on Accreditation from 2008 to 2016, Illien is thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations for intercountry adoption under the Hague Adoption Convention and is experienced to conduct Hague compliant home studies under supervised provider agreements or exempt provider agreements with Hague accredited agencies which will serve in the role of the Primary Provider for the intercountry adoption of the prospective adoptive parents. Under these interagency agreements, Illien can complete home studies and post-placement /post adoption services for intercountry adoptions and assist adoptive families with their USCIS requirements and filings.  Once the child comes home, Illien can assist the families with all of the local legal requirements and recommendations, and ensure that the child receives his Certificate of Citizenship, and ensure that the family complies with the reporting requirements of the child’s country of origin.


Illien Adoptions has experience with intercountry relative adoption cases which can help some Primary Providers to obtain the required documentation to prove the eligibility of the child for USCIS and to help them to complete an adoption with an appropriate family member.

Always working under a Supervised Provider agreement with a Hague accredited agency, Illien Adoptions has experience with the following Hague and non Hague countries and can assist Hague accredited agencies working with families adopting from these countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Nigeria, Cameroon, Guyana, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Albania, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana and others.


Illien Adoptions has had positive experiences guiding and helping adoptive families in the US who are not able to meet the special needs of the child they have adopted to find another family who is more prepared and more experienced to parent their child. This is a long, slow careful process, but when it is completed properly it is a win-win solution for all participating parties. It can be a story with a happy ending, especially for the child.


Illien Adoptions does home studies for domestic adoptions of children in state and out of state as well as supervision of domestic cases in Georgia and court reports. Illien Adoptions does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual preference, gender or physically challenged in acceptance of any prospective adoptive parent.


Illien Adoptions can answer questions about intercountry adoption and assist families to identify resources which can help them to identify either a Primary Provider, or a home study agency or a family counselor or funding resources, or medical resources or parent preparation resources for particular issues.


Illien Adoptions International, Inc. has 36 years of experience in intercountry adoption to share with prospective adoptive families and adoption agencies which are Hague accredited. Illien’s mission and goal is to help vulnerable children anywhere in the world to find a permanent family if possible or to find a stable and safe and loving support system within their country of origin.