Adoption Services

What is a Home Study?
A home study is the document which describes you and concludes that you meet all of the criteria of your state, federal and international laws, and therefore approves you to adopt a child.

This home study must be prepared by an authorized Adoption Service Provider in your state of residence unless you live outside of the United States.

For residents of Georgia, Illien Adoptions International, Inc., provides home study services and post-placement / post-adoption supervision and reporting.  Illien's home study fees are $2,500 and fees for post-placement / post-adoption reporting are $400 per report. 


For Residents of Other States:
If prospective adoptive parents are adopting through one of Illien's adoption programs, we can assist you to identify a Home Study Provider in your state of residence and will enter into a cooperative agreement with the authorized Adoption Service Provider who you select. Illien Adoptions International, Inc. will only accept home studies from licensed adoption agencies; not licensed individuals.


For US Citizens Living Abroad (Civilian and Military Families):
For Prospective Adoptive Parents where one or both are US Citizens living outside of the United States, Illien Adoptions International, Inc. can offer a full range of home study services, including adoptive parent education, adoption counseling, home study reports, and post-adoption and post-placement supervision and reports which meet the requirements of USCIS, the Hague Convention, the adopted child's country of origin and the US Citizens' country of residence. 
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Illien Adoptions International Inc. offers assistance with home study services for US Citizens residing anywhere in the world. 

Located in Europe? 
Illien Adoptions International, Inc. has a cooperative relationship with American Adoptions Professional Abroad, Inc. to provide pre-and post-adoption services for American adoptive families living abroad anywhere in the world. You may be in the military, on temporary work assignment or living indefinitely or permanently abroad.  The partners, Randy, Jane and Debbie are state licensed social workers with many years of experience in adoption, child and family advocacy, counseling and teaching. Randy and Jane live near Frankfurt, Germany while Debbie alternates between Amsterdam, Netherlands and New Jersey. You may contact them directly at ​  or you may ask us about your options for these services at ​

Illien is also able to send staff from the Atlanta office to provide home study services, depending on the country in which the Prospective Adoptive Parents reside.  Please contact us at 404-815-1599 or for more information.