Azerbaijan Adoption Program

As of April 26, 2011, Illien Adoptions International, Inc. has received approval from the government of Azerbaijan under the Hague Adoption Convention. Our agency is verifiably the first, and so far, only, US adoption agency accredited in Azerbaijan under the Hague. We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications!

Be aware of other US adoption agencies who are not accredited under the Hague in Azerbaijan and who claim to be approved by the Azerbaijan government. Ask for a copy of their approval from Azerbaijan's government authority.

In Azerbaijan the majority of the population is Muslim; however, this adoption program is open to prospective adoptive parents of all faiths. In Azerbaijan, there is no preference nor discrimination for religious affiliation.

The Children Eligible for Adoption and the Parents Who May Adopt

Our Azerbaijan Adoption Program is available to American prospective adoptive parents who are open to considering a child with minor to major special needs. Considering our access to advanced medical care, and our modern cultural perspective, many of these special needs are comparably insignificant and quite manageable for a child being brought into a loving, conscientious family environment.
Azerbaijan does not yet have requirements or laws stipulating the age of prospective adoptive parents and, therefore, considers these issues on a case by case basis; however, the first guideline for age requirements will come from the family’s state of residence. Illien will review each application and determine the parents’ eligibility for the program with our in-country representatives.  
A Hague home study is required in order to adopt from Azerbaijan.  If you live in Georgia, we would be happy to help with your home study!  
Why Azerbaijani Children Are in Need of Adoptive Placement
The root causes of abandonment and orphanhood in Azerbaijan are poverty and unemployment.  While many orphans are cared for by extended family, according to UNICEF, there may be as many as 17,000 children living in institutions.   Children with special needs are often abandoned at birth due to the stigma their families will face.  Unmarried women also struggle with stigma if they have children; many women choose abortion to avoid this.  According to USAID (2006), the abortion rate is 3.2 per woman age 15-44 and information about family planning is limited.  Additionally, there are estimated to be one million refugees in Azerbaijan, the majority of whom are internally displaced persons due to conflict.  These factors, among others, interact to create a context in which for a large sector of the population, it is difficult to be a parent and to provide for children.
How To Learn More About or Begin the Adoption Process for Azerbaijan

First, if you are interested in learning more about our Azerbaijan Program and our agency, go to our website's How To Get Started inquiry page. This is a form that helps us respond to your questions more efficiently, and there is no cost or obligation. Please fill it out completely, click on SUBMIT, and our staff will respond soon after.

It is very important with any international adoption program that we make sure that you qualify for this program and that you understand how the country’s adoption process works. We always enjoy speaking with our prospective adoptive parents. We also encourage you to follow up your inquiry by calling (404) 815-1599 in order to speak about Azerbaijan program details with Illien's Executive Director, Anna Belle Illien, or with another member of Illien's staff.

For more information about Azerbaijan Adoptions please go to the following link: Adopting from Azerbaijan

Illien's Azerbaijan Program