Disruption - Dissolution - Rehoming

Illien Adoptions International, Inc. is pleased to announce that we can provide assistance to families who have adopted a child internationally from any country and who have come to the conclusion that they can not longer parent their adopted child. We understand not only the legal process involved but the human aspect of each case which is totally different. If you are adoptive parents in this situation, and you find yourselves in need of these services, and you want to explore how Illien handles these cases, please go to "How to Get Started" on our website and send us your information and story. You may also write to us at info@illienadoptions.org and we will set up a conference call to discuss your case. 
If you are a prospective adoptive parent interested in adopting an international child from such a situation, our instructions are the same. Go to "How to Get Started" on our website or write to info@illienadoptions.org and set up a conference call with our staff. These cases are processed as Domestic Adoptions and incorporate the international component of reporting back to the country of origin of the child. 
Our experience with these cases has been positive. They require not only knowledge of the law but sensitivity of all parties to focus on the mutual goal of finding the permanent family for the child by proceeding carefully step by step. When this happens, it is a win-win situation for all parties to the adoption process, but especially for the child.