Ecuador Adoption Program

Illien Adoptions International, Inc. is recognized by the National Council of Childhood and Adolescence (CNNA) in Ecuador to assist US citizen families in the adoption of children from Ecuador. Ecuador and the United States are parties to the Hague Convention. Therefore, all available children for adoption must meet the definition of a Convention adoptee in order for him or her to qualify for a visa to enter the United States. For more information about the Hague Convention, please refer to the Department of State website.

Requirements for Prospective Adoptive Parents

  • Married couples are given priority over single persons.
  • Couples should: have been married for more than three years; enjoy physical and mental health to meet parental responsibilities; have the necessary funds to meet the needs of the child; have no criminal record for crimes punishable with imprisonment; be deemed suitable to adopt, be legally able, be in the full exercise of political rights; receive adoption training; be over twenty-five years old; and have an age difference of no less than fourteen nor more than forty-five years with the child adopted. In the case of married couples, age limits apply to the younger spouse.
  • Single women and single men are allowed to adopt a child of the same gender as themselves.
  • If children and adolescents are Afro-Ecuadorian and indigenous peoples, parents of their same background are preferred.
  • Exceptions may be made to all of these requirements.


The Children Eligible for Adoption in Ecuador

  • The country of Ecuador includes many ethnic groups composed of European, Mestizo, Indigenous, Spanish, and African backgrounds. Children available for intercountry adoption are representative of all of these ethnic groups. Most of the Ecuadorian children eligible for intercountry adoption reside in orphanages located in three (3) regions, as administered by the Institute of Childhood and Family (INFA): the Northern region, Coastal Region, and Southern region, with the majority of Ecuadorian children available for adoption being placed from the Northern region of the country.
  • In general, the Ecuadorian government gives the highest preference for children under four years of age to people of Ecuadorian descent but exceptions may be made when the child has some special needs. Illien Adoptions International, Inc. does not accept applications for “healthy” children in any program because all children who have been institutionalized have some needs which may not be readily visible, such as lack of stimulation, emotional needs, and undiagnosed medical problems. Understanding the special needs of institutionalized children is a requirement of parent preparation for adoption. Illien Adoptions encourages prospective adoptive parents to be flexible and understanding about the parameters of the child or children they are seeking to adopt.


Time frame to adopt from Ecuador

Time frames for international adoptions are never certain because there are many factors that contribute to the time an adoption process may take. One key factor is the profile of the child prospective adoptive families are open to adopt. Families who seek to adopt a child under age 4 without some medical issues will wait longer for a match than a family who is open to adopt a sibling group or a child up to age six and who is open to some special needs. These preferences affect the time that a family may wait for a referral from the Technical Adoptions Unit. Illien Adoptions has some waiting children, most have some special needs or are older. There is no wait for these children. The processing time in Ecuador after the acceptance of the child will take about the same amount of time for all cases.

Travel to Ecuador

The average stay for Prospective Adoptive Parents in Ecuador is from 6 to 8 weeks. Both prospective adoptive parents are required to travel to Ecuador. The judge will evaluate the parents’ information submitted with their dossier such as their economic situation, psychological reports, and additional qualifications. Once an adoption decree is issued, only one parent is required to remain in Ecuador to attend the visa appointment at the US Consulate in Guayaquil and to accompany the child home.

How To Learn More About or Begin the Adoption Process for Ecuador

First, if you are interested in learning more about our Ecuador Program and our agency, go to our website's "How To Get Started" inquiry page. This is a form that helps us respond to your questions more efficiently, and there is no cost or obligation. Please fill it out completely, click on SUBMIT, and our staff will respond soon after.

Second, for more details about the Ecuador program, feel free to request and review the Ecuador Program Description. This document is longer and is designed to explain the program in more detail.

For more information about Ecuador Adoption please go to the following link: More Information on Adopting from Ecuador

It is very important with any international adoption program that we make sure that you qualify for this program and that you understand how the country’s adoption process works. We always enjoy speaking with our prospective adoptive parents. To schedule a phone call, you may email Sarah White, Director of International Programs at .