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Bettering the Lives of Children Worldwide

Illien Adoptions International, Inc., in partnership with the Illien Foundation for Children, Inc., a 501(c)(3)non-profit foundation, is dedicated to improving the lives of destitute and abandoned children all over the world. Illien Adoptions International, Inc. does this by providing humanitarian aid in countries where we assist families in reaching their dreams to adopt a child.

Humanitarian aid projects vary from country to country based on an assessment of needs, the nature or scope of the assistance, the cost to see the project to completion and ultimately the amount donated for each project. Our first priority is to see that these children are provided with life's basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and medical care. We focus on family preservation by helping parents acquire skills to earn a living to support their children and therefore prevent abandonment due to poverty. We assist communities to become sustainable and provide educational opportunities for all of the children and adults to improve their economic situation.  

Not only our Adoptive Families, but friends and community organizations may also give their tax deductible donations through the Illien Foundation.  The Illien Foundation has a list of projects to which you may contribute. For more information, click here to visit

We encourage and challenge every Adoptive Family to commit to ongoing advocacy and assistance to the orphaned and destitute children left behind.

How can I Help?

  • When preparing to travel, pack extra luggage with items needed by the children or the orphanage. Our Agency can provide you with a "wish list" even if your travels are not related to an adoption. 

  • Clothing or other items may be donated to the orphanage during your in country stay at the time of the adoption. Any such donation must be arranged through our in-country staff or representative so that there is no possible way that the donation could be construed as any kind of an inducement. Donations should be given after the court order of adoption has been issued.

  • Honor the homecoming of your child by making an annual donation, planning a fundraiser to benefit your child's orphanage, or initiating a project within your child's country.


The Evolution of Illien's Children's Stocking Fund


Originally we thought of asking for donations so that we could give children in the orphanages individual presents at Christmas time. As our work has expanded globally to many different countries and other cultures and customs, we realized that each country has its time of gift-giving that does not always coincide with our Christmas. So our thinking expanded to embrace the traditions of other cultures.

We observed that this gift–giving season frequently coincided with our winter time, but only if the other country was located in the Northern Hemisphere. As we looked at the choice of appropriate gifts for children in countries with colder climates, it did not seem right to give children candy or a toy when they need a blanket for warmth or vitamins to help ward off illness. It also did not seem right to collect donations and then distribute the gifts once a year. So our Stocking Fund welcomes your donations all year long and we distribute these funds all year long. You may have the option of selecting a country of your choice or allowing us to make the choice. For more information on the Stocking Fund,
click here.


In the United States we have just witnessed the most extraordinary presidential election in our history and we have seen the results of a collective effort of all of the people who participated. It is our hope and request that every person who visits this website will leave behind some donation for a child and by so doing, participate in a greater collective effort to make the world just a little better for those less fortunate than ourselves. Click here.