Mission, Goal & Philosophy

MISSION: It is the mission of Illien Adoptions International, Inc. to help find permanent families for abandoned children anywhere in the world and to provide assistance to other neglected and destitute children in need who are not legally abandoned, without limitation to political or geographic boundaries, religion or ethnic origin.

GOAL:Our goal is to do our part to eliminate the basic causes of child abandonment by supporting the child's family structure and community through economic development and education. For the homeless children who have been legally abandoned and have not found permanency in their country of origin, our goal is to help find them a permanent family, anywhere in the world, to love and cherish them and help them fulfill their optimal potential as human beings and finally to take their rightful place in the greater world community.

PHILOSOPHY OF ADOPTION: We believe that there is a family waiting somewhere for every child who is born. The unborn child is a spirit striving to unite with his parents. When he enters the world through the birth door, he does not always find himself in a safe and loving family. Sometimes he must suffer and struggle to find parental love and safety. For the waiting parents, the wait is interminable. They know their child is somewhere calling for them to come but they cannot reach him. He never stops calling them to come. For the child and parents who wait for each other, each day is an eternity.

The adoption process is both a spiritual quest and a metaphysical journey with many obstacles and hurdles to cross before you and your child come together. It is our goal to help make it happen with the least possible delay. When it finally happens, there will be a moment with you will say:
This is my child."