Nepal Adoption Program

Illien Adoptions International, Inc. is on the list of agencies approved by the Ministry of Women, Children & Welfare of the Government of Nepal. This adoption program has been recently and carefully revised, and Illien Adoptions is very pleased to have the opportunity of working with the abandoned children and humanitarian aid projects in Nepal.


Even as recently as January 19, 2012, the US Department of State has continued to recommend against adopting from Nepal. (See more information here.) The United States has limited adoptions from Nepal until Nepal's government is able to investigate and rectify problems with their existing system for adoptions. The USA is among many countries who have suspended or limited adoptions from Nepal for the time being. If you are interested in adopting from Nepal in the future, please keep checking the US Department of State's Office of Children's Issues website for Nepal updates and alerts ( You can also stay abreast of most recent news concerning Nepal's openness from the Joint Council on International Children's Services, specifically their country status page for Nepal ( We also welcome you to fill out our online inquiry form to request information about our Nepal Program or any of our programs.


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A landlocked country lying between India and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic and multi-religious country. For a relatively small country, Nepal has a diverse landscape, ranging from the humid Terai plains in the south to the mountainous Himalayas in the north, which makes it a major tourist destination. Nepal contains Mount Everest (29,035 ft; 8,850 m), the tallest mountain in the world.

Children Available for Adoption:
Children available for intercountry adoption range in age from infants to older children, sibling groups and special needs children. Families may state their preference for a boy or girl within the restrictions noted under Eligibility.

Nepali children have become orphaned or are abandoned for a number of reasons stemming from the country's overwhelming social issue of widespread poverty.

Adoptive Parent Eligibility Requirements:
The government of Nepal, in its on-going review of adoption law, is considering some changes to these guidelines. The Agency will update these guidelines as necessary.

  • Married couples and single women:

Between the ages of 30-45 qualify for children of all age ranges.

Between the ages of 45-50 qualify for children at the toddler stage and above.

Between the ages of 50-55 qualify for children from the age of (2) two and above.

  • Married couples must have been married for at least 4 (four) years prior to application.

  • Single applicants who have a child living in the home must adopt a younger child of the opposite gender.

  • Sibling groups are available for adoption by applicant families with no children presently living in the home.

  • Families with households comprised of two children of the opposite gender are not eligible to adopt from Nepal.

  • Families with only same gender children in the home are only eligible to adopt a child of the opposite gender.

  • Note: If children in the home are from a wife's previous marriage, Nepali law states that this family dynamic is eligible to adopt either gender. If the couple has a child together or the child in the home is from the husband's previous marriage, they must adopt a child of the opposite gender.

  • Applicant families must also be able to verify by a doctor proof of infertility. Applicant families who have had tubal ligation or vasectomy procedures qualify for "infertility."

  • Applicant families must show an annual income of $40,000 and/or own their home.

  • Applicant families may only have one divorce for each spouse.

For more information about Nepal Adoptions please go to the following link: More Information on Adopting from Nepal