Relative Adoption


If you are (or if your spouse is, in the case of married couples) a US citizen seeking to adopt a non-US citizen child who is related to you, under 16 years old, from another country (probably your own country of origin), you must follow the same Hague rules and regulations for intercountry adoption as required for a non-relative child. See Independent International Adoptions on our website which explains the Universal Accreditation Act (UAA), a law which went into effect on July 14, 2014, which now governs relative adoptions as well as independent adoptions.

Many people do not realize this and they attempt to adopt this child "on their own" according to the laws of the child's country of birth. When they go to the US Embassy to apply for the US visa for the child, then they discover that they were not aware that they did not have all of the information they needed when they first started and they discover that now their case is very complicated.

Illien Adoptions advises all families considering relative adoptions from any country which is a Hague Convention country or a non-Convention country NOT to take any legal action in the child's country of birth before doing thorough research in the US to understand ALL of the required intercountry steps, the order of those steps and to make sure that you have an experienced, licensed and qualified person or entity in the US to assist you with the entire process.

If the child is in a Hague Convention country, the entity or person you contract with to assist you, must be fully accredited under the Hague. If not, your case will end up with complications which are costly to correct and may cause long delays in the entire adoption process.

Many Hague accredited US adoption agencies are not prepared or willing to handle relative adoption cases. These cases are sometimes complicated and very long. So do not be surprised if you have difficulty finding a qualified adoption service provider to take your case. But, again, we advise you not to proceed on your own until you have the right assistance.

Illien Adoptions International, Inc. is willing to review potential relative adoption cases and give our opinion. We can assist you in the Hague Convention countries where we are already approved by their Central Authorities to provide adoption services and to sponsor intercountry adoptions. Those countries are as follows: India, Ecuador, El Salvador, Albania, Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. In addition, Illien Adoptions is also licensed in Ethiopia which is not a Hague country.

Before starting the adoption of any relative child from any country, Hague or non- Hague, we advise to have a preliminary review of your case done to see if the child qualifies for intercountry adoption according to US CIS requirements. We can do a preliminary review and give you our conclusions.

If you want to discuss a possible relative adoption case, please go to the "How to Get Started" complete the form, describe your special situation and then follow up with a telephone call (404-815-1599). Ask for Anna Belle Illien, the Executive Director, to review your case with you.