Sibling Groups

The profile of children available for intercountry adoption has changed quite a lot since the implementation of the Hague Adoption Convention. There are fewer and fewer babies and young children available without some kind of health issues. The cost of intercountry adoption has increased dramatically as organizations implement new regulations and as time lines to completion get longer thus increasing the overall cost of each adoption.

For families who are building their families through adoption and who eventually want to adopt several children, the adoption of a sibling group of two or more children can be the best option from the standpoint of time and cost.

Sibling groups of two children

Note that there are many options of families for a young sibling group of two children without major health problems. However, if Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) are willing to be flexible and open to some minor special needs in one of the children, then the time to get a referral is much shorter. If PAPs are flexible on the upper age of one of the children, then the younger of the two could possibly be very young.

Sibling groups of three or more children

THREE seems to be a magic word with sibling groups. Up until now, very few PAPS have been adopting groups of three or more children. However that is changing as the availability of children for intercountry adoption is changing. PAPS who are approved for three or more children will not have a long waiting time to receive a referral.

Waiting time for siblings

Some sibling groups available for adoption are listed on Illien's Waiting Children Program page (click here for more information) or on (agency or keyword search "Illien").

There are many other sibling groups available in each country who are not on the waiting list. If you want to consider adopting a sibling group, we advise you to make your decision about how many children, get your home study completed, get your approval from USCIS, and get your dossier completed for that country. The waiting time for a referral is usually not long. You will have your children home and be enjoying them. With sibling groups you can complete your family in one adoption process.

FLEXIBILITY and OPENNESS of the PAPs are the keys to success in the adoption of sibling groups.

Fees and costs for sibling groups

In all of the countries where we have programs, the adoption authorities are eager to receive and accept qualified families for sibling groups. Our partners abroad are willing to combine costs and do everything they can to make the adoption of siblings affordable to families. How this unfolds is different in each country.

If you would like to consider adopting a sibling group from any country, please call us and discuss your options and we will help you find the country program best suited for your family. 404-815-1599.

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